Melissa Odabash’s designer beach kaftan cover ups breathe an air of exotic allure into every outfit, regardless of time, occasion, or surroundings. Introduce a bewitching beach kaftan to your repertoire, as imagined by the woman who reintroduced high fashion to the swimwear world. 2017’s collection abounds with an array of eye-catching opportunities. These kaftans encompass the top style trends of the year to come, in a piece brought to prominence in the land that sat between the mythological Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Whether your personality has a penchant for embroidered kaftans, knee-length pieces, or slit designs, Melissa Odabash’s kaftans ensure that, even as the sun sets, or a cool breeze sweeps across the beach, your adventure is only just beginning.
Short Silk Kaftan
Long Silk Kaftan